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Sutton and Seth Sharp at Pocono Raceway. (2017)

In November of 2013, Seth Sharp created the @NASCARMemories Twitter account, which shares historical races images with thousands of fans, drivers and other racing personalities across the world.

Due to the popularity of the Twitter account, Seth and his brother Sutton began brainstorming ideas to bring more throwback content to the internet. They eventually landed on the idea of creating a website devoted to honoring the history of NASCAR.

A note from Seth and Sutton:

“NASCAR has always been a family first sport. Every week before the race, you see drivers standing alongside their families on pit-road, moments before starting their engines. We see them celebrate in Victory Lane together. We get to know these drivers, crew members, and their families by name and love to follow along with their lives on Twitter.

From time to time, when I tweet pictures from the @NASCARMemories Twitter account, I will get tweets that read, “I haven’t heard that name in forever?” or “They were one of my favorite drivers growing up. I miss them.” or “What are they doing today?”

For the longest time, we were looking to make a positive impact of our own on the NASCAR community. In the world we live in today, negative publicity often rises to the top. They overshadow positive stories and can shield deserving people from the spotlight.

One night, we sat down and tried to think of ideas on how to accomplish all of our goals. KeepIt35 was created to give fans a chance to catch up with the drivers they idolized from the past.

With my connections on Twitter, I knew that this was not only possible but also something that fans would appreciate. Besides the @NASCARMemories account, there are not many places on the internet that focus solely on the history of NASCAR.

After a few interviews with former drivers, we started to put out more content based on interesting and important moments from the past.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to contact us at any time.

We hope that you enjoy the website!”

Seth and Sutton Sharp

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