Brett Bodine vs Ricky Rudd (1993)

Seth and Sutton Sharp

January 30, 2020

Brett Bodine edged out his brother Geoff Bodine to win the pole for the First Union 400 at North Wilkesboro Speedway and also narrowly missed a right hook from an upset Ricky Rudd after qualifying came to a close.

Bodine put his No. 26 Quaker State Ford on the pole with a speed of 117.017 MPH. His brother Geoff posted a lap of 116.677 MPH, putting the brotherly duo on the front-row together for the first time in their Winston Cup career.

Both drivers were thrilled at the thought of the Bodine family leading the field to the green flag at the start of a Winston Cup race. They mentioned how hard they knew each other worked to make it to the Cup Series.

The joy came to an abrupt stop.

Bodine was confronted by Rudd after qualifying, upset about an incident between the two at Bristol.

The incident in question occurred on lap 369 when Bodine and Rudd made contact, sending Rudd’s No. 5 car into the wall. Rudd’s car slid down the track, almost colliding with a convertible and a group of photographers along the edge of pit-road.

After the post-qualifying confrontation, Bodine verbally replayed it for reporters.

“He said nice qualifying run. Too bad it’s no good because you’ll be in the fence on Sunday,” Bodine said. ‘He took a swing at me but missed. I guess you could say he scuffed me.’

Bodine was understandably heated, saying things such as “He’s a grown man and needs to act like one.”, “He took a cheap shot.”, and “Ricky is not educated enough to make a judgment on what happened.”.

It turns out it wasn’t the first time that Rudd was trying to confront Bodine. After the crash at Bristol ended his day, Rudd went down to Bodine’s pit-stall, attempting to wait for him, before being pulled away by team-owner Rick Hendrick.

NASCAR spoke to both drivers about the incident on Saturday to ensure the rivalry did not escalate any further, as Bodine claimed the two drivers have already shared their differences in the past.

As for the race, Rudd finished 7th and Bodine came home 17th.

Martin, B. (1993, April 16). Bodine wins pole; nearly punched out by Rudd. UPI.

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